Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Guy Stunned When Woman Demands He Shell Out $6k For A New Dress After He Accidentally Spilled Wine On Her Old One


We don’t really know when “Accidents Happen,”  it’s uncontrollable by it can be avoided sometimes.

But how we respond after the accident happens does matter because it might also involve hard choices. Of course, what happens when the decision you make after a chance encounter doesn’t go over as well as you’d hoped?

Now, this guy from Reddit is facing this Dilemma, the after-effects of the accident.

Originally Posted by r/AmItheAsshole when he came to subReddit for outside opinions.

Here’s what he asked:

AITA for not paying for a new dress when I ruined the original dress accidentally?”

First, he suggested why he needed help.

“Another post got me thinking about my own situation involving a dress, and I’ve been called the a**hole and my wife is pissed at me – so just wanted to check in to see if I really am or is my thinking justified.”

He then dove into the story itself.

“This happened a couple of weeks ago at a wedding I (37-male) had attended.”

“during the reception, while everyone was dancing and generally having a pretty good time I was sitting off to the side while my wife mingled with her friends.”

“(it was my wife’s friend’s wedding so I didn’t really know anyone there).”

“at one point she called out to me to come over – so I stood up from the chair I was chilling on and started walking over.”

Everything was fine, until…

“I accidentally dumped into an older woman and spilled my drink (wine) all over her dress – I immediately felt bad, the woman started tearing up saying her night was ruined, and [ I ] offered to pay for the damages.”

“she ended up leaving early since she was wearing like a… pastel pink(?) and the red win did not compliment it, to say the least.”

“A couple of days later, the woman contacted me and asked if I was still willing to pay for the damages.”

“and I said, of course, it was my bad – and she then sent me a link to another dress that looked nothing like the one I ruined, and it costs $6k+ (???) and she said there was no way to fix the damages to the original dress so if I can buy this dress as a replacement.”

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