Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

A woman allegedly broke into the home of a Denver couple and poured herself a glass of wine before taking a bath in their tub, according to a local affiliate report.

Now, a Denver family is warning others in the area to be on the lookout after a bizarre home burglary last week.

The bizarre incident happened on Oct. 20 when Holly Hatch and Anna Lamers were at home and preparing to go to sleep and they heard sounds as if someone else was inside.

“We knew someone was in the house,” Hatch said. “I heard that door slam, and I just yelled ‘Anna, we need to get out of the house right now.'”

“The guest bedroom door just slammed shut,” Lamers recalled.

The pair said they left the house and called 911. When Denver Police arrived and entered the home, they soon called Hatch and Lamars about the situation:

“They said, ‘Yeah, we found a woman in your bathtub, taking a bath, with a glass of wine,'” Lamers recalls.

The couple thinks the woman got inside their home through the doggy door. They also believe she went into the kitchen after they left, poured herself a glass of wine, and prepped the tub with bath products.

Authorities say the woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Hatch and Lamers decided not to press charges, thinking the woman was homeless.

“It kind of went from sheer terror, to feeling kind of sad. I mean, she just wanted a bath,” Lamers says. “Hopefully she got some of the help that she needs.”

Source: FoxNews

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