Help Rebuild a Beloved Wine Professional’s Life After His U-Haul is Stolen!


In a somber turn of events, our esteemed colleague, Rich Ross, a well-respected wine professional and mentor, recently encountered a heartbreaking incident during his relocation from St. Louis to Colorado.

Having invested numerous years in cultivating the St. Louis wine scene, Rich embarked on a new chapter in Colorado. However, what should have been an exciting journey took a tragic turn when his U-Haul, carrying his life’s belongings, was stolen during a moment of respite in Kansas City. In an instant, everything, save for the clothes on his back, was mercilessly taken from him.

For those unacquainted with Rich, he is not merely a wine enthusiast but a linchpin of the St. Louis wine community. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping the city’s reputation for nurturing world-class wine professionals. Serving as the OG STL wine professional, Rich dedicated over a decade to hosting the Monday tasting group, demonstrating unmatched consistency and mental fortitude.

Numerous individuals in the wine industry owe a significant portion of their careers to Rich. Now, it is time for the community to come together and provide support during this challenging period. Unfortunately, Rich’s modest insurance policy falls short of covering half of his losses. Thus, we appeal to the wider wine community to contribute what they can to assist our friend in rebuilding his life.

Primarily, financial support is imperative. Every donation, regardless of size, will have a substantial impact. Even if one has not had the privilege of meeting Rich, consider the scenario: envision a similar plight befalling the wine professional in your life who embodies Rich’s exceptional qualities. Let us unite to support our industry and those who contribute to its extraordinary nature.

Furthermore, the entirety of Rich’s extensive wine collection, a testament to his passion and expertise, was contained within the stolen truck. This collection featured the finest selections from Burgundy, Germany, Champagne, and various producers worldwide. To infuse a semblance of magic into this unfortunate situation, we extend an invitation to contribute bottles, both young and old, to aid in reconstructing Rich’s cellar. To navigate shipping intricacies, interested parties can reach out on Instagram at @Padraigthesomm, where coordination details will be arranged.

Rich’s story elicits emotions of terror, sadness, anger, and frustration. Let the tight-knit wine community rise to the challenge and demonstrate collective support. Share anecdotes of Rich positively influencing your wine journey and contribute to the reconstruction of his life and beloved wine collection.

Together, we can make a difference and reaffirm the strength and camaraderie that characterize the world of wine.


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