10 Excellent Bordeaux Wines Under $25


When you think of budget wines, Bordeaux likely doesn’t come to mind. But there’s so much more to the region than expensive bottles made by high-end producers. In fact, one can snag a very good bottle of Bordeaux for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t believe us? Our tasting department at Wine Enthusiast pulled together their favorite budget Bordeaux picks for $25 or less.

What Is Bordeaux Wine?

Bordeaux is often used as a catch-all name for wines produced in the French appellation of Bordeaux. They include some of the best wines in the world, but also mass-produced, blended wines of little note.

Wines produced in specific areas within Bordeaux that follow precise French winemaking practices or have highly-valued reputations are more likely to be labeled as such. Common districts include Médoc, Graves, Sauternes, and St-Émilion, but more specific villages, vineyards, or chateaus may be on the label.

The style of Bordeaux is largely dependent on where the wine was produced, the variety of grapes used, and the winemaking methods. A Bordeaux can be red or white and dry, semi-sweet, or sweet.

Red Bordeaux wines are mostly made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and sometimes Cabernet Franc. They may also include Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Carmenère.

White Bordeaux wines tend to include Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc, and depending on the exact blend, have medium body and acidity with herbal notes. They can also include Muscadelle. Ready to pop open a wow-worthy bottle? We have 10 under $25 perfect for enjoying tonight.

The Best Bordeaux Bottles Under $25

94 Points Wine Enthusiast


Structured, full of promise, and with layers of black fruits and tannins, this ripe wine is set for aging. The texture, with its dry core, is dense and powerful. Drink this wine from 2026. Organic. Editor’s Choice —Roger Voss

$24.99 Wine.com

93 Points Wine Enthusiast


Situated close to the Gironde estuary, this 24-acre vineyard has produced a ripe, impressively structured wine. With dark tannins and juicy blackberry flavors, the wine is generous and has potential. Drink from 2025. Best Buy —R.V.

$ Varies Wine-Searcher

92 Points Wine Enthusiast


Under the same ownership as classed growth Château Corbin Despagne in Saint-Emilion, this estate has produced a richly textured wine, packed with juicy Merlot and that is vibrant and already delicious. Drink from 2024. Editor’s Choice —R.V.

$ Varies Wine-Searcher

91 Points Wine Enthusiast


Owned by the Fayat construction company, this estate, with a fantastical 19th-century chateau, offers a richly textured wine, ripe tannins, and plenty of potentials. This black-fruited wine will be ready in 2026. Editor’s Choice —R.V.

$ Varies Wine-Searcher

91 Points Wine Enthusiast


This 430-acre estate has produced an elegant, fruity wine. The wine comes from vines on the edge of the Pauillac appellation, with deep gravel soil that gives structure to the approachable black fruits. Drink from 2025. Editor’s Choice —R.V.

$ Varies Wine-Searcher

90 Points Wine Enthusiast


This second wine from Château Fourcas-Dupré is already attractive and is ready to drink. Juicy black currants, fine tannins that have softened, and plenty of acidities, give a wine that is open and very drinkable now. Editor’s Choice —R.V.

$ Varies Wine Searcher

90 Points Wine Enthusiast


The ornate, fairytale label of this bottle is a good precursor to this wine itself. It brings rich black fruits, dense tannins, spice, and bright acidity. A blend of five grapes, the wine is full, generous, and ready to drink from 2023. Best Buy —R.V.

$21.99 Wine.com

90 Points Wine Enthusiast


This château in Cadillac has produced a rich, dense wine that is full of juicy acidity and black fruits. It is fine and ripe, full and concentrated. Drink from 2025. Editor’s Choice —R.V.

$ Varies Wine-Searcher


How Much Does Good Bordeaux Cost?

Bordeaux prices vary based on its quality, where the wine was produced and the specific vintage. But there are Bordeaux bottles for every budget. Even though some elite bottles can run thousands of dollars, there are some great bargain Bordeaux bottles out there, too. Try one of our new favorites from this list, or head to the archives to check out more Bordeaux bottles under $30.

What Color Is Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is arguably most famous for its dry red wines and sweet whites, but quality dry white wines, called Bordeaux blanc, are available as well.

Where Is Bordeaux?

About three hours south of Paris in the Southwest of France, this region lies along the Garonne River, which meets the Dordogne just north of the city. West of the Garonne is the districts of Médoc, Graves, and Sauternes (referred to as the Left Bank) and to the northeast are Saint-Émilion and Pomerol (known as the Right Bank).

Is Bordeaux Wine Sweet?

Some Bordeaux wines may be sweet. The most popular sweet Bordeaux wine is Sauternes, made from mostly Sémillon grapes. This sweet white wine is made from grapes that have been impacted by botrytis, which shrivels the grapes and intensifies their flavors. Sauternes is high in sugar and acidity and known for its honeyed expression.

What Is a Bordeaux Blend?

The term “Bordeaux blend” is used to identify a wine produced in Bordeaux that uses a blend of multiple grape varieties.


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